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Walter Sierra

Beyond the Saga of Rocket Science Book Series

Beyond the Saga of Rocket Science is a series of four closely related books that provide an amply-illustrated, overarching perspective to a broad, non-technical audience of the entire panorama surrounding the development of rockets, missiles, and space vehicles as we know them today and the exciting possibilities for the future. This panorama includes fascinating personalities, personal feelings and vignettes, political events, the ambiance and perspective of countries possessing rocket power. The books are sequential and form an integrated whole:

The books blend fact–based dialogue among key, real characters with enthralling vignettes and vivid on–scene descriptions of the successes, the traumas, the failures and disasters, and triumphs encountered during the roller coaster ride of rocket development. They describe what really happened when the dreams of rocket pioneers were fulfilled, or when they perished in disaster and flames. You’ll understand in lurid detail exactly what went wrong during catastrophic failures, and what went right when rocket engineers and scientists experienced the euphoria of success.