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Walter Sierra

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone. We all face a challenging year 2022 with the Covid pandemic still a threat. I encourage you to take careful measures for your health and safety. This year will witness continued space firsts–first flight of NASA’s Space Launch System and operation of the new James Webb Space Telescope which will enable astronomers to peer into the earliest stages of the universe’s formation.

Please subscribe to my email list with THIS LINK so that you can be kept informed of preorders for my four book series, Beyond the Saga of Rocket Science. I will also be sending my email list subscribers interesting snapshots and commentary on important events, and most importantly I really look forward to YOUR feedback, suggestions, and comments which I pledge that I will take to heart. It is a given that within a few years humanity will return to our Moon. Moreover, I predict that before this decade is out, we will witness the first humans landing on our neighboring planet Mars. Stay tuned!

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