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Walter Sierra

Avoiding Armageddon provides a detailed and fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the Cold War conflict between the American and Soviet superpowers. It lucidly describes the effects of nuclear weapons and how they work. The Soviets achieved a startling number of space firsts (first satellite, first man and woman to orbit the Earth, first probes to reach Mars and Venus, first Space Station, more powerful ICBMs. The USSR assumed a commanding lead in the Space Race between both countries; however, the book describes how and why despite appearances it was actually the United States that was ahead. Avoiding Armageddon disentangles and clearly explains the labyrinthine Soviet organizational and design bureau structure. Although the U.S. won the Moon Race, the Soviets came very close with their own Moon rocket, the N1.

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ISBN 978-1-7365-5071-7


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