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Walter Sierra

Other Works by Author

Space Transportation: A Systems Approach to Analysis and Design, by Walter E. Hammond (ISBN 1-56347-032-2), 1999

Space Transportation: A Systems Approach to Analysis and Design gives young professionals all the information they need to know to get started in the space business. It takes you step-by-step through processes for systems engineering and acquisition, design and development, cost analysis, and program planning and analysis. You’ll find the systems engineering and design process that applies to all space transportation systems, then the overall system architecture considerations that also apply to all space transportation systems. There is also detailed coverage of space launch vehicles by class, including the current space shuttle, other manned reusable systems, expendable systems, and future systems.

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Design Methodologies for Space Transportation Systems, by Walter E. Hammond (ISBN 1-56347-472-7), 1999

Design Methodologies for Space Transportation Systems describes the conceptual design process in detail, from multistage expendable vehicles to winged, reusable launch vehicles. The book presents an overview of the systems engineering and vehicle design process as well as trades and analyses. Individual chapters are devoted to specific disciplines such as aerothermodynamics, aerothermal analysis, structures, materials, propulsion, flight mechanics and trajectories, avionics and computers, and control systems. The final chapters deal with human factors, payloads, launch and mission operations, safety, and mission assurance. A companion CD-ROM includes additional figures and tables, resources for systems engineering and launch ranges, and a compendium of software programs and spreadsheets for modeling and analyzing design problems and scenarios.

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